Marcus Paul Hintz has conducted videography and photography for 20+ years.

At the age of 18 his uncle gifted him a video camera. He was able to investigate and research the intricacies of what the unit could produce, with inventive ideas and imagination.

What started as a hobby, soon turned in to a passion for creating long-lasting memories, through filming family and friends weddings.


Through the era of VHS, Hi8 tape, mini dvd and DVD, the industry, with its innovations and the constant need to expand his creativity, he has been successful at being part of:

  • TV Show: My Garage Rules – Cameraman and Editor
  • Hoon TV Youtube Channel: Content Creator
  • Shannon’s Nationals TCR: Cameraman
  • Filming, editing and photography for Ms Fitness Australia and various other body building events
  • Filming, editing and photography of promotional and social media content for numerous clients
  • Grunt Files DVD Series – Cameraman
  • Safe Pets Safe Families – Cameraman and Editor for “Ambers Story” (Volunteered)
  • Pet Photography

Marcus and his wife enjoy travelling, locally and overseas. These adventures have allowed the capture of some amazing landscapes.

Producing high-quality, professional content

Using the latest Sony equipment (4K), full range of audio accessories including wireless microphones, for at-ease interviews, together with the knowledge of editing software programme ‘Final Cut Pro’, allows Marcus to produce professional and high-quality content, across all platforms.

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